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A professional independent insurance organization focusing on Medicare products. Including but not limited to ‘Medicare Supplement Insurance,’ ‘Medicare Advantage Plans,’ and ‘Medicare Prescription Drug Plans.

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About the Company

Partners With Highly Rated Insurance Carriers

We represent several carriers, therefore creating an extensive array of options available to our clients. We are quintessential in providing the coverage and protection essential for Medicare beneficiaries, concentrating on and addressing each customer’s need for flexibility, affordability, and reliability in their insurance selections. Please take a moment to learn who we are, and then let us answer all your questions.

We Love Helping People

Currently, there are almost 10,000 people a day turning 65, and as a result, most will become Medicare beneficiaries needing help enrolling correctly. If you are going to be a Medicare beneficiary soon and searching for someone to help you navigate the system and the initial enrollment process, or maybe you are already a Medicare beneficiary looking for unbiased professional assistance in understanding your Medicare options. We promise to provide you with the help needed to make an informed, educated decision in your Medicare insurance options.

Take Advantage of Medicare Opportunities

If you are entering your Initial Enrollment Period, we recommend that you understand and review your options long before you need to enroll instead of making hurried decisions at the last minute. We find it incredible sometimes how many people turning 65 either don’t realize they can receive professional help at no cost or think they don’t need help and pick a plan based solely on the monthly premium. They fail to recognize the potential financial exposure they are putting themselves into because the plan is inappropriate for them.

A Brief Meeting Could Make a Huge Difference

With a simple phone call and eventually sitting with them at their kitchen table or in a virtual meeting, we help people understand their Medicare options and provide continued support long after becoming clients. Meet with a licensed and certified agent specializing in Medicare insurance from the comfort of your home.

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About the Founder


How I Became an Insurance Agent

I grew up in Colorado but have lived in several states over the past 25 years. I moved back to Colorado in 2012, leaving behind my job as an aircraft mechanic, prompting me to find a new career for my second accomplishment. After stumbling around for six months, I realized that I could help people with insurance. By April of 2013, after securing my insurance license, I was an insurance agent selling health insurance. During this time, my parents retired and spent their summers in Colorado and winters in Florida.

Being There for My Father

In the spring of 2014, I received a call from my father explaining how he had injured his back and all medical bills were entirely his responsibility for the injury. He was looking for help understanding why the obligation was entirely his. Being a health insurance agent for people under 65, I had to tell him that I knew little about Medicare. Still, I told him I would find him a Medicare agent and help figure everything out.

I Found My Calling

While sitting with my parents and a Medicare agent, learning why the plan chosen six months earlier was entirely inappropriate for both of them, I was baffled by the complexity. I also discovered that navigating Medicare without a professional’s help and choosing an appropriate plan was a long shot. This simple act motivated me to learn more about Medicare and transition from an under 65 health insurance agent to a fully independent Medicare insurance broker. The realization hit me like a ton of bricks with my first client; it will be the main focus of my business from here on out! I told myself I would sell other insurance products and have them at my disposal when the need arises, but I will specialize in Medicare. It was the first time anyone thanked me for helping them with their insurance options, and the gratification I felt was incredible.

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